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Tenant and Buyer Services

PropertyBank can help you with your real estate requirement, whether be it finding a space or building to rent or buy, we put on your thinking cap, as we understand how a proficient property can optimise a business. Be it for office, industrial or retail purpose, our PropertyBankers are trained to process your checklist requirements, propose shortlists and procure the property. We will take you through the steps and negotiate for the best possible terms.
For more complex transactions such as those requiring change of use, environmental approval, we share the know-how and guide you along. Your joy of a proficient space is our accomplishment.
For more complex transactions such as those involving change of use or environmental approval, we are glad to share the know-how and guide you along. Your joy of a proficient property is our accomplishment.

Project Marketing Services

Our key personnel have been involved in the pitching, conceptualisation, marketing, sale and lease negotiation of various projects from offices and business parks to hi-tech and industrial premises.
We do our best to enhance the assets of your property, so as to maximise the revenue you can receive from it. If you are a property owner who wishes to discuss and understand our PropertyBankers’ expertise in this area, we are happy to meet up and share more with you.

Research and Advisory

We pride ourselves on building and sharing expertise in order to create success for our clients. Our passion for continuously expanding our knowledge base enables us to take a fresh and imaginative approach to everything we do.
Knowledge is a key factor in the success of any business. Our research monitors and identifies the trends that will affect your business the most and lights the path you need to follow in order to prosper.
We source and analyse data in the Singapore property market, leading you to make the best decisions for your property needs. With the help of our research, we’ll help you be well equipped to understand the property trends that will affect you and to maximise the value of your property investments.
Having a burning desire to know what we can do for your properties, engage us to do a special report or a Broker’s Opinion of Value.


Looking for a speaker to provide seminars to train your tenants and buyers on the market trends and the set-up? From setting up of an office to setting up a central kitchen and to setting up a retail outlet, PropertyBank has a pool of speakers to share the knowledge.
Looking to pick up skills in the real estate business? Whether you’re a new agent or have years of experience, PropertyBank provides lectures, seminars and workshops that will help polish your skills and boost your sales.

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