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Investments tips for owners and investors

Tip #1:

Successful real estate investors all know that the three top secrets to getting rich through real estate is: location, location and location. Ideally, you should buy in an area that has high rent and low supply of properties. You should not buy properties in remote areas or areas which have low rental histories. It’s true that buying the worst property in the best location is better than buying the best property in the worst location.

Tip #2:

Make sure you have enough money to make the property investment. The most successful investors are those who have the financing available to jump on the right deal when the ideal opportunity presents itself. Be certain that you have at least six months of mortgage payments saved up, as it may take some time to find a tenant even in the most attractive of locations. You’ll also need money to be ready to make repairs to your property if needed.

Tip #3:

The most valuable asset that you can have is to have a mentor who can guide you in your search for the ideal commercial property. At PropertyBank, we have extensive and deep knowledge of the local real estate market, thus our team can be your ideal partner in your quest for that lucrative property investment. Don’t go it on your own, as our experienced staff at PropertyBank can team up with you to lead you to lucrative real estate deals!


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