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Step 1: Projection
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Want to sell your commercial property? Let us help you! Maximising your property’s value begins with an effective marketing strategy that will attract the best buyers at the best terms.

Have a good understanding of your property and its available amenities, as these will be its main selling points. Inspect your premises and repair any defects before you conduct any viewings with potential buyers.

Conducting a valuation

With information on your property, engage a professional to get an assessment of the value of your property, as well as the estimated market price of other similar properties in the vicinity. From there, you would be able to have a good benchmark of the price you should be targeting.

Step 2: Promotion
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Marketing the property

Get the news out about your property’s availability for sale! Engaging in targeted marketing helps you get the message out more efficiently. Advertisements, direct mailers, signboards, standees and open-house are some common ways to reach out to the public.

Step 3: Promissory
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When a potential buyer has indicated interest to purchase, you are required to issue an Option, outlining the time limit, method of exercise and acceptance, payment mode and amount to be paid. The time limit is a time frame for the buyer to decide if he would really commit to his purchase. A booking fee is first given in exchange for the Option. The agreement for the sale will follow through when the buyer exercises the option by signing its acceptance form and paying the balance of the deposit within the stipulated time.

Seek legal help

There are various documentation to follow from exercising of the Option, to the final Title Deed Transfer. Do seek legal advice when drawing out the terms and conditions of sale. Our PropertyBankers are experienced agents who can help ensure your rights are protected and will be a value-add to your consulting team.  

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