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Step 1: Projection
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Key considerations before making the purchase

Dream of owning your own commercial space? Buying your own space is not just about the property and affordability, but also about how much more business you may generate from its location and other incentives.

Source the space

Like any property purchase, location is one of the key factors especially for your business. Come up with a list of requirements and rank them according to importance to help you evaluate potential spaces.

Take note of extra costs and payment modes

There are additional costs to bear when making a purchase, such as Property Tax, Goods and Services Tax (GST), legal fees and stamp duty. Moreover, if you are purchasing as an individual, you cannot dip into the savings in your Ordinary Account of the Central Provident Fund. PropertyBankers have the expertise to advise and alert you on such payment matters.


Since CPF cannot be used for commercial properties, buyers would need to make a hefty down payment. You could consider taking up a loan, although different banks will have different loan policies for different commercial property types (office, industrial, retail or mixed-use).


Step 2: Proposition
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Committing to the purchase

When you have decided on a property, an Option Form for purchase will be issued by the developer, which is not assignable or transferable.  In this form, the time limit, method of exercise and acceptance, payment mode and amount would typically be written out.

When issued, you are required to pay a down payment and have around three weeks to decide on the purchase. During this time, you should pay due diligence and sound out the property conscientiously. The agreement for the sale will follow through when the buyer exercises the option by signing its acceptance form and paying the balance of the deposit within the stipulated time. PropertyBankers provide pre-acquisition management services to ensure greater ease of property purchase.

Step 3: Procuration
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Seek legal help

There are various documentation to follow after signing on the Option Form, including the final Title Deed Transfer. Do seek legal advice when drawing out the terms and conditions of sale. PropertyBankers are experienced agents who can help ensure your rights are protected and will be a value-add to your consulting team.

Step 4: Possession
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Completion of purchase

You have successfully completed your property purchase! Congratulations to becoming a proud owner – our PropertyBankers are here to partner with you to move in or manage your asset to add value to your investment.

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